Take benefits communication to new heights

8 tips to ensure this important HR information rises above the rest

Originally published at www.davisandco.com.

1. Start with objectives

When communicating about benefits, you should always start with the end in mind, just as you would with all good employee communication. Think about: What do you want to accomplish? What will success will look like?

2. Know your employees

To design benefits communication that works for employees, you need to know their needs and preferences.

3. Develop a communication approach

With the objectives you set in step 1 and knowledge you gained in step 2, you’ve got a strong foundation for developing your approach to communicating benefits.

4. Be simple, clear and candid

Because the benefits your company offers can be diverse and complex, it’s important that you simplify your benefits communication.

5. Use tools for what they do best

Don’t take a one-channel-fits-all approach to benefits communication. Find the tool (or tools) that helps you meet your objectives while still satisfying employee needs.

6. Focus on what employees need to do

The reason to communicate is not simply to provide information; it’s to give employees what they need to do something. So when communicating employee benefits, keep desired action steps in mind. Use imperative phrases like:

7. Manage timing wisely

Timing is one of the trickiest aspects of communicating employee benefits.

8. Measure progress and success

Assessing the impact of your benefits communication is essential to demonstrate the value of your efforts and to adjust your activities to meet your objectives.

Follow the eight steps laid out here and your benefits communication will be at the top of employees’ to-do lists before you know it.

Alison Davis is founder and CEO of Davis and Company, the award-winning employee communication firm. Visit https://www.davisandco.com to know more.