• Cheryl Tan

    Cheryl Tan

  • Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna

    Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna

    Lagos-ing. Christian. Content Creator/Curator. Award winning Bathroom singer. Foodie. Pull a seat; I think I can write...

  • Christine Burri

    Christine Burri

    Christine is an Associate Project Director at Davis & Company where she uses her expertise to support clients with their communication strategy.

  • Marc Gear

    Marc Gear

    Bacon, bikes, and bits and bobs. Oh and I run a communication business.

  • Seth Azizollahoff

    Seth Azizollahoff

  • Wellness Corporate Solutions

    Wellness Corporate Solutions

    Our award-winning team helps people live healthy and work well through top-rated biometric screenings, health coaching, flu vaccines, and more.

  • Gonçalo Melo

    Gonçalo Melo

    Cultural animal living in a social experiment

  • Swan


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