13 great questions for starting a new initiative

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Content mastery is essential to crafting meaningful internal communication messages. Ask yourself these simple questions to start every project so that you have the knowledge you need to be successful.

I originally posted this article on my website www.davisandco.com, but I thought the Medium members could benefit from this information.

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Let’s say you’ve been invited to a meeting to discuss communicating a new initiative to employees. The meeting is likely to go like this:

  • The team leader presents an overview

But, wait! It’s likely that you don’t really have enough information to go on. Initiative teams usually focus on getting the project approved and on how they’re going to get the work done, not on how employees will be affected. They probably don’t haven’t even discussed some of the key things employees will want to know.

You’re going to need a bigger boat for all the information you need. So your first step should be to schedule at least one follow-up conversation with one or more team members.

Once you’ve got that conversation on the calendar, put together a list of questions. Here are 13 to stimulate your thinking:

  • Who are the stakeholders? What are their roles?

Once you get answers to these (and your other) questions, you’ll be ready to build an effective strategy.

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Alison Davis is founder and CEO of Davis and Company, the award-winning employee communication firm. Visit https://www.davisandco.com to know more.

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